Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Your Own

I went out and retrieved the snowshoe signs while there still was a trail. Snowshoe hiking will be nice in freezing weather, but lakes are getting very sketchy and warm weather is ahead. Ski trails will be ice or slush from now on. Biking may have to wait until the May 1st opening.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Out There

I got out on snowshoes in the new snow tonight. Things were pretty and pretty deep. All lakes had slush that could be felt if not seen. I took baby steps to leave a causeway that should be solid by Sunday. Saw 3 otter scoots, and my light died on the saddle hill before Dog Lake so I never got to Mist Lake. I must have forgot to charge it after the last ride. I'm sure the slush on the lakes farther out is at least as soft as the lakes I crossed. I was half way back before a nice half moon lit things up, but I wasn't about to head back out by then. As it was, the Dog Lake loop took over 3 hours tonight. Got the car unstuck just as the fuel light came on. Must remember to park pointed downhill.