Tuesday, April 30, 2013


  • Bill Underdown's Roubaix-style Group Ride will start and finish at the Lighthouse Bar & Grill this year!  They've got great burgers and pizza. 
  •  The course will measure 95.5 miles including 66.2 miles on gravel. This a self-navigated, unsupported, free "group ride" through the wilderness dirt roads of Lincoln, Langlade, and Oneida counties.  Like with any other training ride, you will be responsible for yourself and should not count on rescue from anyone.  You will be on the road for 5 to 7 hours and will not pass through any town ever.  You will be in bear and wolf territory most of the time.  Your phone will work most of the time.  All traffic laws and laws of nature apply.
  • RSVP with a comment here so the restaurant and I know what to expect.

Start: 10AM July 13th Lighthouse Bar & Grill on Highway X 2.5 miles south of Gleason, Wisconsin.


  • This is a cross bike ride.  Mountain bikes would make it, but without compromise tires they will be tougher to ride that far.  Road bikes will not survive some fire road segments.
  • I'm using the same 700x32 tires that got me across Iowa.  Sometimes those aren't quite enough, but overall they are an efficient and durable choice.
  • You will receive a cue sheet with turns, road names, and mileage.  You will need an accurate computer unless you plan on never getting dropped from the group.  You will need a way to hold your cue sheet whether a stem bag with a window, clip board, binder clips, or the cuff of your shorts.
  • Because the route really doesn't have to be top secret, and I don't want anyone getting stranded: Map Joel's Ride   THIS LINK IS THE 2012 ROUTE WHICH IS THE SAME EXCEPT FOR THE START & FINISH LOCATION!
  • Depending on temperatures, start with 3 or 4 bottles and put the same in your drop bag.
  • Sunday should be a good day to pick raspberries in the Underdown.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not Yet

Trails won't be open on May 1st, but please come out on foot May 4th for a little improvement on trail Z.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fun Stuff

A few fun projects to make the riding more fun!  All projects will get going by 9AM or sooner, but come whenever.

#1 May 4th: Widening 2 switchbacks on trail Z.  Meet at the main parking lot for the first one and along Copper Lake Road for the second.  Bring your favorite digging tool, but I've got extra.
#2 June 1st: This is the 90 foot double-bermed boardwalk on trail A!  We'll need a lot of cordless drills!  Walk in on the ski trail from Loop Road to the gravel pit.
#3 May 25th: Adding flow to the top of Oktoberfest (trail S).  Park at Underdown Lake and head up the hill.
#4 June 15th: Adding flow to the north end of the hollow (trail M).  Park where the Ice Age Trail crosses Loop Road and head east along the base of Heartbreak Ridge.

That should keep us busy until the logging is done for this year.  Post a comment if you've got a question.

The frozen days, they turn to mud that slides into the Springtime mud

It's time to give the Underdown a rest until opening day May 1st.