Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thunderdown 2015

July 18, 2015

LOCATION:  Copper Lake Road between Irma and Gleason, Wisconsin

10AM     10 Hour team, solo, duo, single-speed
1PM        6 Hour solo, duo

3PM        3 Hour solo

Long: 10 hour solo, 10 hour duo, 6 hour solo
About 15 miles of single-track, this year's course will return to Oktoberfest and trail L.  Both have had some fun upgrades to the downhills.  Old-school trail V and the Hollow trail are taking a year off.

Short: 10 hour team, 6 hour duo, 3 hour
About 5 miles of single-track, this year's course will run with the long course through highlight trail CC  before splitting off onto sections of the Ice Age Trail that have never been raced in summer.  Riders will ride the winter route over the re-built Heartbreak Ridge climb before merging onto trail KK at Collarbone Corner.

Which town can put in the miles?  Wausau will be putting the Cup on the line.  Sign-up your town and return the form by 3PM.

Best deal: Lincoln County will waive the trail fee for the day so that all proceeds can be put back into the trail.
Best awards: Gift cards from the Red Eye.
Best camping: Right at the Underdown parking lot for a small fee.
Best burgers and pizza: Fork Horners on Highway X. (South\west on J, Right on X)
Best place to cool off: Prairie River bridge at the bend. Don't jump off the bridge though. (South on J 2.5 miles from Copper Lake Road)
Best gravel: BURGR 95 and Fork Horners 47 on July 11th.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


  • Bike people and hike people got together to rebuild the too-steep downhill on Ice Age Trail L.  Kelly, Bruce, Ruby, Jim, Bruce, Joe, Steve, Andrea, Gene, Randy, Anna, and Kathy came out in the rain to produce a scenic section of trail.  It will be a fun downhill on July 18th.
  • Trails L and LL need just a little bit of tidying up before they are totally ready to ride, but it won't be long.  Watch for loggers between White Lightning and Homestead.  This job won't take as much work to fix for race day.