Monday, May 31, 2010

Poetry and Short Story Contest

Have something to share? Enter your poem or short (page or two) story with a Thunderdown theme or something of that esque.
If you've got a cool picture or video clip from July 3rd, you might as well show us that too.
Entries due at 7PM race day.
Judged by real middle school English teachers.
Winners get some kind of prize, a reading, and a posting here.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come and Ride EE

Steve, Randy and I finished Job #2 (trail EE cut off) today. That is the last of the earth disturbing work before the Thunderdown. Hopefully it will rain tonight.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trail Work Sunday

Paul, Steve and I finished job #1 (trail XX) today and Sunday morning I'll be back to finish job #2. Any help would be much appreciated. The bridge at job #3 should happen some time in June.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Race Course Map

  • "10 Mile" course: 12 hour team, 6 hour solo, 6 hour duo
  • "20 Mile" course: 12 hour solo, 12 hour duo, 3 hour solo

  • Start with trail Z, B, and C as usual. At the bottom of the Saddle switchbacks add another switchback to the left on a new cut-off trail labelled XX. XX leads to a landing where the "10 mile" course goes straight on trail X, and the "20 mile" course turns right on trail N (Ice Age) which winds past Dog Lake, over the relentless hill to trail O and Mist Lake.

A couple hundred yards on the horse trail at Mist Lake leads to a double track labelled P which meets the Mist Lake Access Road at the other side of the lake. The Mist Lake Access Road takes you to Horn Lake Road and a fast mile to a double track labelled R (the trail that took you out to Horn Lake Road last year). The climb up trail R takes you to the Squeeze Trees trail (E) which will bottom out a a new cut-off trail labelled EE. EE leads to the railroad (U), then T, SS, T (Oktoberfest), S, TT (Underdown Lake), U, Y (Yin Yang Yalcano), and the rest of U.

When U meets trail F at the railroad, the race will run up the E switchbacks to a trail V which is finally getting good again since it was logged. Next, trail F takes the race over Loop Road to G (Roundtop). At the bottom of trail G the "10 mile" course will merge from trail X.

Both courses finish with H, I (Stumpjumper & White Lightning), LL (a new trail with long twisted climbs and descents), a quarter mile of dry snowmobile trail, L (Ice Age: a mix of really hard & really easy), J (Homestead), K, KK, and finally A.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Work Day May 29th

Come on out for a little digging and riding May 29th. We'll start at job #1 and move to job #2, placing 4 bridges and doing a lot of work on the tread. The cut-off trails are brushed out and have enough leaves removed to be located easily, so if you get there before us you will find your way and will have company soon.

More details on the May 10th post.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visit Our Map Sponsors

St. Stephen's United Church of Christ: Merrill

Club X to C: Gleason-Doering (golf and steak after the ride)
Mel's Trading Post: Rhinelander
Tomahawk Surplus: Tomahawk (snowshoes and gear)
Uniquely Schotz: Irma (quilts, jewelry and classes)
Subway: Merrill, Tomahawk, Antigo
Merrill Veterinary Clinic: Merrill
Rib Mountain Cycles: Wausau
Builer's Cyclery and Fitness: Wausau
Sprocketz Bike Shop: Wausau
Bikes N Boards: Rhinelander
CoVantage Credit Union: Antigo, Crandon and beyond

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trail Work - May 29th

There are a lot of small jobs on the trail, but there are a few big fun ones where I could really use some help before race day. May 29th would be a good day to get started. I'll be out there at job #1 early.

Job #1: One more switch back at the bottom of the saddle hill (C) , small bridge, and a fun little cut-off trail back to the landing on trail X to help bring the 10 and 20 mile race courses together. This job is accessible by taking the double track part of trail x from Loop Road. Digging tools will help.

Job #2: 3 short bridges and a cut off from the bottom of the squeeze trees trail (E) to the railroad (U) to complete the 20 mile course. This will take a little walking to reach, easiest from the first double track south of the trail X crossing of Loop Road. Digging tools will help.

Job #3: One monster bridge on trail U hopefully built in June. This isn't that much of a walk from the double tracks off of trail F and U. Extra cordless drills would be nice.

Thunderdown Cup: Rhinelander vs. Wausau vs. Your Town

Which riding scene will put in the miles on July 3rd? Two towns compete to rack up the most miles in the Thunderdown to win the one-of-a-kind Thunderdown Cup to be displayed publicly in their town.

Team Rhinelander: Riders who live or work around Rhinelander, know Washburn from Hanson, wear the RASTA colors, or for some other reason are a legitimate part of the Hodag riding scene.
Captain: Al Jozwiak
Cheerleader: Me

Team Wausau: Riders who live or work around Wausau, find Ho Chi Mihn and Flower Trail without getting lost, or for some other reason are a legitimate part of the Worsaw riding scene.
Captain: Position open
Cheerleader: Ted

Neutral local: Steve Engel

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Thunderdown is Coming

  • 12 hour duo teams or anyone who wants to run aid stations at Mist Lake or Underdown Lake in exchange for a free entry and free camping at the lake. Teams would start with everyone else, but exchange at the lake. These lakes are only on the "20 mile" course.
  • Live music
  • Trail crews for a few fun projects starting the end of May: bridges, 2 short cut-offs, and trail polishing. Stay tuned.