Monday, July 29, 2013

Ride the New Features

10AM Saturday at the Underdown Parking Lot

and we'd love to have you at the Washburn Trails Sunday from 10AM to 6PM to get things in shape for the Rock N Root.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

History Made

Complete Ride Re-cap Here!

Randy, Rich and I became the first riders ever to complete the BURGR95 and Grand Tour of Underdown Singletrack in the same weekend so I hereby induct them into the Order of Bill, a society for those who are up for all I can throw at them.

The BURGR95 is the longest gravel packed ride I can  muster - a ride with plenty of fast single-lane gravel, but also plenty of tough, tough terrain from countless hills to sand and rock.
The Grand Tour* is the longest pure singletrack loop you can ride in the Underdown.  It measures 19.4 gnarly miles of constant ups and downs.  Both rides are among the toughest to be found in Wisconsin.

So if you add the toughest gravel ride to the toughest singletrack ride, you've got one hard core training camp for Randy and Rich.  Congratulations gentlemen.

Applications accepted for 2014.

*Trails Z,B,C,CC,XX,N,D,E,U,T,TT,S,SS,U,W,V,F,G,H,I,LL,L,J,K,KK, and A

Did It

5 of us came out for the BURGR95. Joel, Randy, Rich and I stretched it out to 100 in about 6:10 of riding.  Tom Wittman was up from Chicago and got his skinny wheels over the rocks of Langlade County and the mushy mile of Cinder Road before passing too close to his cabin in Harrison Hills to continue.  Joel was super strong, and Randy and Rich put in a great effort that will pay off  at their next race.
Oneida County roads through the Enterprise block were the best.  Beaver Trail Road was a sandy challenge in Lincoln County.  The Lighthouse had a delightful hodge podge.  Karie's Custom Awards painted some great pints.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BURGR 95 Updates and Answers

  • It looks like we might have some temporary rain on Saturday, but nothing too bad.
  • You can have a drop bag delivered to the 45 mile mark.
  • Sunday at 10 looks like a great time for an Underdown mountain bike ride.  Trails are perfect.  Check out new boardwalk on KK, M and N to keep you clean.  LL and U have some good surprises.  New berms and water bars everywhere.  
  • No raspberries yet. A few wild strawberries.
  • Anyone who finishes the BURGR95 on Saturday and also completes the Grand Tour of Underdown Singletrack on Sunday will be inducted into the Order of Bill and have their name permanently etched on the official website.  The Grand Tour uses trails Z,B,C,CC,XX,N,D,E,U,T,TT,S,SS,U,W,V,F,G,H,I,LL,L,J,K,KK, and A.  This is about 20 serious miles of continuous singletrack which is even too long for a WEMS race.  Any permanent marker, medallion, or privileges for inductees are yet to be determined.

2013 Stubborn Mule Adventure Race

Watch this and then try not to do an adventure race.