Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trail V Uncovered

I just mowed trail V and other trails in the area where last year's log job let in the sun. 6 hour racers should check out trail V.

3 hour racers should be ready for the twists of trail X, and 12 hour racers will be climbing Oktoberfest on trail T. All races will start on trails Z, B, and C, and all will end on trails H, I, J, K, KK, and A, but each distance will have its own unique middle single track.

Group ride Sunday, September 20th at 10AM.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Map to the Underdown

Trail KK is Open

With the help of Steve, Roger, and Randy, trail KK is finished. Give it a ride.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Redeye Brewery hits the trail !!

We’re excited to announce that Kevin Eichelberger of Redeye Brewery in Wausau has agreed to sponsor our race and provide the beer for those who are lucky enough to win one of the first place growler trophies.

Redeye Brewery is located in downtown Wausau and serves some mighty fine brew and excellent food including some fantastic pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Kevin is an avid biker and has worked hard to promote more biking opportunities in the area. He has also made up a couple of really sharp jerseys which might make their way to the race for prizes.

You can check out more information at Kevin is also going to be at the Lincoln Lagerfest going on the same day, so if you are able to slip over there between laps, make sure to stop by the Redeye booth and say hi.

Now, if we can get him to bring that wood-fired oven over to the race….

Friday, August 21, 2009

The "Last" Map

Trail KK in the works

Trail KK is a new trail that will start at the end of the current trail K, run around the big bumpy bog, and come out at the little parking lot where trails A and B come together at Loop Road. This will eliminate the short double track between trail K and the little parking lot. It will have some nice rolling terrain, a short bridge, a lot of bench cut, and tight switchbacks on a somewhat sizeable hill.

The entire trail is brushed out, mowed, and signed. Roger and I plowed through a nasty clearcut section, and Steve has made a lot of progress on the tread on the hill. Yesterday the bridge was put in place, but I'll either have to straighten the bridge or put a turn in the trail to line it up.

HELP There are a few hand tool out there, you can come out and polish the tread any time you want. On Sunday the 23rd is would be great to see a big group out there to finish this new trail.

This year's race

October 3rd, 2009
12 hour 8AM
6 hour 1PM
3 hour 3PM

As usual, there will be something new in this year's race course. All races will start from the new west end of the parking lot using the new singletrack (trail Z) instead of the horse trail lead out. Racers will then hit trail B and C as usual. 3 hour racers will get the twisty trail X cutoff as they did last year. 12 hour racers will be taking a quick double track shortcut from trail D to the Oktoberfest hill area. After Underdown Lake the 12 hour racers will see two more shortcuts on trail U, but still climb the Yin Yang Yalcano (trail Y). The goal for the 12 hour course was to take 10 to 20 minutes away so that teams will have time to give their 4th rider a second lap.

Trail LL is finished and ridden in, but won't be in the race this year. Trail KK is almost finished and could find its way into this years race course.

This year's course may be slightly shorter, but rest assured, this is just a step to get us ready for next summer when the plan is to put all trails together into a loop near 25 miles long that will include at least 20 miles of single track - the Hundred Down in the Underdown.