Friday, August 21, 2009

Trail KK in the works

Trail KK is a new trail that will start at the end of the current trail K, run around the big bumpy bog, and come out at the little parking lot where trails A and B come together at Loop Road. This will eliminate the short double track between trail K and the little parking lot. It will have some nice rolling terrain, a short bridge, a lot of bench cut, and tight switchbacks on a somewhat sizeable hill.

The entire trail is brushed out, mowed, and signed. Roger and I plowed through a nasty clearcut section, and Steve has made a lot of progress on the tread on the hill. Yesterday the bridge was put in place, but I'll either have to straighten the bridge or put a turn in the trail to line it up.

HELP There are a few hand tool out there, you can come out and polish the tread any time you want. On Sunday the 23rd is would be great to see a big group out there to finish this new trail.

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