Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start Time - June 30, 2012

10AM: 10 hour
12PM: Single Speed State Championship
1PM: 6 Hour
2PM: Junior (unless they all want to race at 3)
3PM: 3 Hour

 14 Mile Loop:
10 Hour Solo
10 Hour Duo
6 Hour Solo
Single Speed State Championship (2 laps)

 7 Mile Loop:
10 Hour Team
6 Hour Duo
3 Hour Solo
Junior (up to 3 hours)

 All loops are about 2 miles shorter than last year so we'll see more of each other.


Camping is available on site. Register for a fee, probably $10. No need for reservations.
We'll cover trail passes, but let us know if you have a season pass so we don't pay double.
Gleason has the closest store. There is a convenience store, but I recommend Prairie Pines Country Store on the north end of town for fresh and bulk food plus ice cream.
Thanks to our sponsors for after race prizes and refreshment: Red Eye, Bikes N Boards, Mel's Trading Post, Rib Mountain Cycles, Sprocketz, and Builer's.

Thundertown in the Underdown

The 2010 Thunderdown Cup found a home at the Red Eye in Wausau, and the 2011 model is on display at Bikes N Boards in Rhinelander so I commissioned artist Blane Graeber to create this model that will travel to the most recent winning town - that is unless we have a new winner. The word is that the tough guys from Duluth are making a strong run at the Cup. Madison is having fantasies about it. The Thunderdown Cup goes on display in the town that turns in the most miles at the Thunderdown. Get your rosters turned in by 3PM on race day. The neutral local and arbitrator will again be Steve Engel.