Thursday, September 18, 2014

Secret Site

A peek at the Underdown's new neighbor.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomahawk 90 and 33ish

Meet at the Sarah Park boat landing on September 27th at 10AM for the 90 mile fall ride that features the Hiawatha Trail before heading into the Willow and Newwood wild country.  A detour to Tripoli will get us resupplied half way. 66 of the 90 miles are gravel.

The 33ish course also starts on the Hiawatha before diverting back to Tomahawk via the cozy Rozell Road, McCord ghost town turn around, and crooked CC. The route is all scenic and just under half gravel.

Cue sheets are here.

The Garmin File

P.S. We took Ruth Road right to the nice BP station at Tripoli and then used the gravel Tripoli Drive to get back on course.

Taking Putnam from 86 at the second RR crossing in Tomahawk brought us to a nice jaunt past Mirror Lake in Bradley Park on our way back to Sara Park.