Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BURGR 95 Updates and Answers

  • It looks like we might have some temporary rain on Saturday, but nothing too bad.
  • You can have a drop bag delivered to the 45 mile mark.
  • Sunday at 10 looks like a great time for an Underdown mountain bike ride.  Trails are perfect.  Check out new boardwalk on KK, M and N to keep you clean.  LL and U have some good surprises.  New berms and water bars everywhere.  
  • No raspberries yet. A few wild strawberries.
  • Anyone who finishes the BURGR95 on Saturday and also completes the Grand Tour of Underdown Singletrack on Sunday will be inducted into the Order of Bill and have their name permanently etched on the official website.  The Grand Tour uses trails Z,B,C,CC,XX,N,D,E,U,T,TT,S,SS,U,W,V,F,G,H,I,LL,L,J,K,KK, and A.  This is about 20 serious miles of continuous singletrack which is even too long for a WEMS race.  Any permanent marker, medallion, or privileges for inductees are yet to be determined.

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