Monday, May 10, 2010

Trail Work - May 29th

There are a lot of small jobs on the trail, but there are a few big fun ones where I could really use some help before race day. May 29th would be a good day to get started. I'll be out there at job #1 early.

Job #1: One more switch back at the bottom of the saddle hill (C) , small bridge, and a fun little cut-off trail back to the landing on trail X to help bring the 10 and 20 mile race courses together. This job is accessible by taking the double track part of trail x from Loop Road. Digging tools will help.

Job #2: 3 short bridges and a cut off from the bottom of the squeeze trees trail (E) to the railroad (U) to complete the 20 mile course. This will take a little walking to reach, easiest from the first double track south of the trail X crossing of Loop Road. Digging tools will help.

Job #3: One monster bridge on trail U hopefully built in June. This isn't that much of a walk from the double tracks off of trail F and U. Extra cordless drills would be nice.

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