Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Race Course Map

  • "10 Mile" course: 12 hour team, 6 hour solo, 6 hour duo
  • "20 Mile" course: 12 hour solo, 12 hour duo, 3 hour solo

  • Start with trail Z, B, and C as usual. At the bottom of the Saddle switchbacks add another switchback to the left on a new cut-off trail labelled XX. XX leads to a landing where the "10 mile" course goes straight on trail X, and the "20 mile" course turns right on trail N (Ice Age) which winds past Dog Lake, over the relentless hill to trail O and Mist Lake.

A couple hundred yards on the horse trail at Mist Lake leads to a double track labelled P which meets the Mist Lake Access Road at the other side of the lake. The Mist Lake Access Road takes you to Horn Lake Road and a fast mile to a double track labelled R (the trail that took you out to Horn Lake Road last year). The climb up trail R takes you to the Squeeze Trees trail (E) which will bottom out a a new cut-off trail labelled EE. EE leads to the railroad (U), then T, SS, T (Oktoberfest), S, TT (Underdown Lake), U, Y (Yin Yang Yalcano), and the rest of U.

When U meets trail F at the railroad, the race will run up the E switchbacks to a trail V which is finally getting good again since it was logged. Next, trail F takes the race over Loop Road to G (Roundtop). At the bottom of trail G the "10 mile" course will merge from trail X.

Both courses finish with H, I (Stumpjumper & White Lightning), LL (a new trail with long twisted climbs and descents), a quarter mile of dry snowmobile trail, L (Ice Age: a mix of really hard & really easy), J (Homestead), K, KK, and finally A.

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