Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fun Stuff

A few fun projects to make the riding more fun!  All projects will get going by 9AM or sooner, but come whenever.

#1 May 4th: Widening 2 switchbacks on trail Z.  Meet at the main parking lot for the first one and along Copper Lake Road for the second.  Bring your favorite digging tool, but I've got extra.
#2 June 1st: This is the 90 foot double-bermed boardwalk on trail A!  We'll need a lot of cordless drills!  Walk in on the ski trail from Loop Road to the gravel pit.
#3 May 25th: Adding flow to the top of Oktoberfest (trail S).  Park at Underdown Lake and head up the hill.
#4 June 15th: Adding flow to the north end of the hollow (trail M).  Park where the Ice Age Trail crosses Loop Road and head east along the base of Heartbreak Ridge.

That should keep us busy until the logging is done for this year.  Post a comment if you've got a question.

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