Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Race Updates

Weather: Be prepared for a little cold and rain during your ride. We will be racing Saturday unless there is an extreme amount of rain. Underdown trails can take moisture and we have run successful races after a downpour the night before. Rain that is sustained for many hours could cause the race to be shortened, but all the weather report really means is that we'll have to cut more fire wood.

Fastest Lap: The fastest male lap in the 12 hour race and the fastest female in the longest race entered by females receive a new jersey from the Red Eye.

Class winners get the growlers. Pints to 2nd and 3rd.

6 Hour Course: The 6 hour course will use the shorter trail F instead of V. One of you guys had better finish 6 laps now.

Marking: Remote areas of the course are flagged already. Road areas will be signed Thursday and Friday. Leaves will be blown off Friday too.

Group Ride Sunday: 9AM on some of the trails the race doesn't touch like LL, V, and M.

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