Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trail V Makeover

Find something new on Trail V. An anonymous builder did some great work out there Saturday, and Paul, Beth, and I were moving a little dirt today.
Only one hill and four berms to go.

The next work day is October 10th on trail M around the Hollow north of where trail X crosses Loop Road. Maybe a few bridges?


  1. LOL - yes, me and Jayson Planzky were there Saturday thinking it was the 19th! We walked V looking for you guys and saw the layout around that washed out climb and just started. I hope we did good and did not do a part that did not need it.

  2. I think I can make it out there on the 10th. I'll give Chris a call and verify.

  3. Chris, we kept your cookie plate - sorry. I'll try to return it full Oct 10.