Monday, August 15, 2011

Oktoberfest Work Day

Saturday October 8th AM

Meet at Underdown Lake to clean up the log job on Oktoberfest (really not that bad) and possibly build some berms on trail U.
In the mean time, mowing and tree clearing is ongoing. Trail M & MM around the Hollow were mowed to night.
Post a comment with the location of any downed trees you've come across. I know a bunch went down during the Wausau24 storm.


  1. Done today: Trees on B and K removed, Z mowed

    Left to do:
    Trees on C, U, V, G
    Mowing log jobs on U, KK, G
    Brush hook white lightning

    Saved for October:
    Oktoberfest clean up
    Trail U berms
    Trail C bridge jump

  2. Downed trees are all cut out except for the one where I ran out of gas.

  3. All downed trees are removed. Trail U has had some nice changes. Mowing is done except for U and Y.

  4. Underdown is open for business. Steve finished mowing back all the weeds that grew up since the race.

    A bit of bridge and berm action is in the works before the work day on October 8th.