Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trail Building Season

Come on out and help with some fun projects.
October 8th:
  • Octoberfest clean-up with some sweet new switchbacks
  • Re-route trail T connector from U with some cool rollers
  • Berm up trail U in the clear cut
Drive to Underdown Lake in the morning: From 17 take Heineman Road west to Horn Lake Road (not marked unfortunately) and then the Underdown Lake access road. We'll be there early and all morning. Bring rakes and your favorite McLeod\mattock type tool.

October 9th:
  • Extend trail J past the Homestead with about 10 more turns & berms.
Take the east end of Loop Road from Copper Lake Road. Bring rakes and your favorite McLeod\Mattock type tool.

October 29th 5PM:
  • Ghost Ride
  • Rhinelander vs. Wausau Capture the Flag or something like that
  • Night Polo
  • Spooks


  1. hey chris, sweet directions, we should have a decent showing for the weekend, but we don't have much for tools.

  2. I'll have about 10 extra tools and I'll be out there early, maybe 7AM. Anytime will work. We'll start on the hill and work north. I might even put one of those red arrows at the start of Horn Lake Road.