Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snowbound in the Underdown

10AM  The solo race will follow as much as the snowshoe trail system as conditions permit,  hopefully past Dog Lake counter-clockwise all the way to Mist Lake for 8 miles of snow single-track.  This is the race for series points.

1PM The 3-person team relay will run for 3 hours on trails A & Z  for 2 funky miles of snow single-track.

$15 will get you into either race or both. 
ENTRY FORM Print a copy and bring it along if you want, or fill one out in the cold on race day.

  • Fire and miles of unique trails over hills, bogs, and lakes.  There may be more, but this event is really all about the trails.  
  • Feel free to bring your favorite number plate or we can assign you a circular one.
  • Guided group ride of the Beaver Trail back country Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Either way.

While you're in the area, visit our map sponsors.
For snacks: Prairie Pines Country Store on the north end of Gleason  at 17 and X
For burgers and pizza: Lighthouse Bar and Grill south of Gleason on X

Trail conditions.
Wisconsin State Fat-Bike Series Race Series


  1. Is this still on for this weekend?

    1. Yes - It is still on. There were riders out there today & it was great. Also there will be people out snowshoeing both Thursday & Frinday to pack down the fluff we got today.

  2. If my friends are too cheap to buy fat bikes can I do the 3 hour "team" race by myself?

  3. 2 of us are considering coming up...will need a 3rd. you can join us..but we only have bike. can we share? what size frame do you have?

  4. we are also considering the solo if we can can find a 2nd frame, though. need a large if anyone can help out

  5. Answers: The race is totally on. I dragged it to Dog Lake tonight. The forecast is for 1-3" tomorrow. If it's 1" we'll ride it in. Otherwise we might need those snowshoes again. The snow single track is amazing right now. There are some passing zones that could use some traffic.
    The solo race is one lap of about an hour so it won't wear you out for the team race.
    Many teams will form on the spot, and it's OK to race solo or duo in the trio race. I'll probably join a team.
    Thanks everyone for the help. See you out there.
    Gary will be leading a ride at 6:45 Friday night.

  6. Great. I can't wait. We're bringing two bikes (one sized small and one sized large). They're both spoken for in the solo race, but we'll be looking to find at least 3 more people to do two teams in the team relay. Hopefully there will be enough random folks around!

  7. Conditions still look super for the Saturday race. It should be fast. We might have trail ready all the way to Mist Lake.

    Check for updates about a Friday night group ride. The Sunday rain will probably shut down any group rides then, but who knows.

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  9. Looking for a large frame bike for a friend that wants to do the solo tomorrow ...any chance someone could borrow us a bike? thx

  10. found a bike...see you all tomorrow!