Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good Conditions

The Underdown ski trails have tracks set.  Snowshoe trails are well established to the Big Bog and fair to Dog Lake.  I rode a regular bike with 2.2" studs and did some hiking up hills, but it wasn't terrible.  There are rumors of wolves around Mist Lake.  I don't know about that, but there were some canine tracks around Dog Lake tonight that couldn't be explained any other way.

The Beaver Trail area in Harrison Hills will be a bit rough on a fat bike, but a worthwhile challenge.  I'll try Bradley Park tomorrow.


  1. Bradley Park has lots of funky, rideable lines.
    Washburn has a good fat bike tread and good level ski skating except for the Herringbone Hill area that is closed because of erosion.

  2. Snowshoed from lake 1 to lake 7 and back in Harrison-Beaver Lake. Deer tracks and a fox or something.

    Depending on temperatures and new snow Underdown, Harrison, Bradley Park and Washburn will all be solid as sidewalks for fat bikes.

  3. Do you own an indoor trainer? Or do you ride outside year round?