Saturday, March 23, 2013

What a Day!

Duck Lake

Lookout Mountain

A beautiful day and a lot of snow.  Snowshoeing from Turtle Lake Road to Highway B on the Ice Age Trail is tough.

Underdown ski trails are perfect - fast but not too icy yet.  Loop Road has a fast track for skating.   Snowshoe trails are solid for fat bikes.
South to Rib Mountain

Lookout Mountain

North to Rhinelander

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  1. I rode the Giant with the 2.2" Nokians around the Big Bog Loop tonight. It was a little soft, but not too bad. Trail A was especially nice, but if you go off the trail your wheel could disappear completely.

    Snowmobile trails had a firm base, but were too chopped to be fun on a bike yesterday. We skated Loop Road which was real nice.