Saturday, December 21, 2013

Conditions Until It Snows Again

Ski: All trails tracked and skied in except for Loop Road which has truck tracks.
Snowshoe: Really great.  Tracks all the way around the Mist Lake Loop.

Fat Bike
Big Bog Loop: Ready to ride.
Dog Lake: Really tough
Mist Lake: A hike all the way
Sunnyvale Park, Wausau: 75%


  1. As the snow started I had a nice ride this morning. I was able to ride all of Horn Lake Road on truck tracks. Some snowmobile trails were groomed but too soft for an epic ride. On the way back around I rode the Big Bog loop of the snowshoe trail. It was solid enough to float, but not provide traction so it was a balancing act all the way. Fun stuff.

  2. Truck roads and snowmobile trails in the Harrison Hills made a good ride today. Some were better than others. The mile long downhill on Crane Foot Lake Road was kind of a bust covered in ruts and powder, but a good workout anyway.