Monday, June 23, 2014

Race Updates

July 19th, 2014 Underdown Parking Lot, Copper Lake Road
10 Hour 10AM
6 Hour 1PM
3 Hour 3 PM
Awards, fire,  Red Eye Xanadu, etc. ASAP
Thunderdown growlers and fills to winners plus brand new Thunderdown pints.

Course: No Oktoberfest.  Long course riders will ride trail V and the over-under to the Hollow trail for the first time.  Trail KK will be used, but trail LL will not because of a recent logging job.  For those who haven't ridden or heard of the Underdown: these trails are technical and hilly.
This sign will split the short and long course on the top of X to C Hill.  Short course riders will ride a techie new descent. Short course: about 6 miles.  Long course: about 12 miles.
Getting there:
  • The Thunderdown Cup will be up for grabs again.  Sign up your town by 3PM. Only those who work, reside, build trails or were born in your town are eligible.


  1. The Cup is missing?

  2. Or maybe the travelling version of the Cup is still missing. We're issuing an APB.