Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Day June 13th

  • Help is needed for a record work day when we repair and rebuild trail L better than ever including a long, long downhill that used to be way too steep.  Come on out on the morning of June 13th about 9AM or 10AM.  It doesn't matter because we'll be there into the afternoon if we feel like it.  From Loop Road you'll be able to see the big hill where most of the work will be done.  Bring trail digging tools, but we've got extras.

  • I finished cleaning up trail X and M around the Hollow to the Underover today.  It's better than ever.  
  • Cougar tracks were seen near 17 east of the Underdown two weeks ago.  Maybe this is the same kitty that Brian saw on 51 in April.
  • Map signs should appear on trails in late June.
  • The end of June will mark the beginning of trail mowing season.  Volunteers are much appreciated.

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