Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Great Weekend Coming

Copper Lake Road
Underdown Ski Trails:  Groomed and tracked including Loop Road which is groomed wide for skating.
Underdown Snowshoe Trails: No more slush because it's COLD.

  • Big Bog Loop (3.5 miles): Solid and interesting - a technical fat bike ride.  Coyotes were finishing a deer on the Bumpy Bog.
  • Dog Lake (5.5 miles): Tracks - a tougher fat bike ride.
  • Mist Lake (8.5 miles): Adventure
Heinemann Road
  • The Dells Loop is riding well on fat bikes.  Snowshoes welcome.
The Ice Age Trail Snowshoe Hike will start at 10AM from Copper Lake Road on Saturday, January 28th.

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