Monday, June 21, 2010

Animal Crossing

Today I had to wait on trail V for a pair of cranes with child to cross the trail. Grouse with chicks seem to be everywhere, and turkeys pop up once in a while around trail U. Earlier this week I stopped for a fawn curled up on trail KK until it popped up and went running to mama. Ted and I had to wait for a porcupine to get off the Oktoberfest trail Saturday night. I've seen an owl twice on Oktoberfest this year, and you can count on it talking to you there at dusk. The eagle and otter that were at Underdown Lake haven't been seen this year.
Bears seem to be more common around the east end of Horn Lake Road, but I haven't seen one for about a month. They mind their own business. It's been a good week to find garter, pine, and red-bellied snakes sunning on the trails in the morning.
Riley has been catching countless bluegill at Underdown Lake, plus a few bass at Mist Lake.

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  1. I see all kinds of fun stuff up there - No snakes yet - lot of bear signs but never get to see them - sure they see me though. Can't wait till the race weekend. I will try and gather a volunteer or two.