Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thunderdown in the Underdown 2010

Saturday July 3rd, 2010

12 hour classes: 8am to 8pm
6 hour classes: 1pm to 7pm
3 hour : starts 3pm

You must complete your last lap before time expires with the exception of 3 hour racers on their first lap.

"20 mile" course*: 12 solo, 12 duo, 3 solo
"10 mile" course**: 12 team, 6 solo, 6 duo
Course description HERE.

Camping available on-site.

Group pre-ride June 27th at 10AM.

See the links on the left for events including the Thunderdown Cup, Bike Polo Tournament, and Poetry-Story-Photo contest.

$5 hills: There are a pair of short, steep hills that will probably only be in this year's race. Clean them both and get $5 on the spot while supplies last.

Volunteers needed! This includes not-too-tough jobs close to the action like temporary course marshalls, short term timers, and polo refs. I'm also looking for some 12 duo teams who would like to camp out and run an aid station at Mist Lake or Underdown Lake (free camping and entry, start with everyone but exchange at your lake) . 715-873-4113 or e-mail using the link in the profile

*The record for the "20 mile" course is 2:13. I predict that someone will get close to breaking 2 hours, but not quite do it. More times will go past 3 hours than under 2 hours. I also predict that when someone gets an odometer out there we'll find that it's a few miles more than 20. (It was just measured at 21 miles.) This is the ultimate Thunderdown experience after all - all the way around in the Underdown.
**Riding hard, the "10 mile" course took 1:03. Someone will break one hour on race day. The loop is probably a little under 10 miles, but there are few breaks in the hills and single-track.

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