Monday, February 11, 2013

Time for Some Skiing

Of course you should get to the Abominable Fat Bike Race in Tomahawk Saturday, but biking in Harrison is probably done for the year.  I went out to drag some trail tonight.  It was a good workout, but I don't think it was too productive.  The snow had some moisture and the hills set up well when I rode the sled down, but too much snow has accumulated on the lakes for a bike to be ridden off a beaten path.

Ice is 99.9% solid, but I did find a thin spot on Lake #7 near something rotten we'd ridden right over in January.  The water was surprisingly warm and foul smelling.  I didn't go in too far past my knees and was able to crawl out and head back the other way.

Harrison is now the domain of fat skis, snowshoes and the otter I saw on the hill between Lake #1 and Beaver Lake.  Underdown should have a few more good fat bike weekends here and there this winter.

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