Friday, July 16, 2010

Bill Underdown's Cue Sheet

Get your dirt road bike out for Bill Underdown's Roubaix-style Group Ride. This is 77.7* miles including 49.9 miles on various kinds of DIRT that takes 5 to 6 hours - a good Wausau 24 tune-up, but not so long that you won't be able to pick raspberries and ride single track on Sunday.

Start from the Underdown parking lot at 9AM on Saturday, July 24th.

Not technically a race, this is a free ride that you attempt while taking all responsibility for your own support, safety, navigation, nutrition, hydration and evacuation upon yourself just as you would on any other training ride. One drop bag location will meet you half way.

Cross bikes are ideal, but not essential. A mountain bike with skinny tires or slicks will get the job done. An odometer is very helpful in this kind of ride. Below is the old beast I ride it with.

*I didn't plan such a cute number for the total mileage. It felt like 90 miles to me.