Sunday, July 4, 2010

Duluth Boys Are Tough

4 laps of the long course for Ek and Buffington!

Let me know what you think of this year's all-the-way-around format. I know it's not for everybody, but there has to be a race where tough guys can show us what can be done.


  1. Did you see the 2 tough ladies and the "kid" who did a 2:09 out there in the heat? Great work everyone out there. What a fun time! What a fun crowd! That's why I do it.

  2. Chris,
    Awesome event ! Great riders, swag and trails... what more can a mtn biker ask for. This is the BEST event in WI hands down. keep up the great work...
    and I just can't tell you how sweet of a job your doing with the trails... keep it up !
    Your #1 fan,
    Kate Heil

  3. I loved this course. Too bad it was on a bad weekend. I liked it better in the fall.

  4. Immediately post-race I would have told you that's a HUGE lap. But now that the pain's subsiding, and digesting your words spoken at the last Aid Station, on the 4th lap, as I was whining about how the incessant hills were killing me, "Good, it's supposed to be tough", I love the course. SO much harder than last year's short lap course.


  5. Great course! I loved the long format. It forces one to plan for all scenarios. The most physically demanding course of all WEMS. Well done. Bravo Schotz!!

  6. Loved the long course!!

  7. The long course with the heat had me hallucinating and making me think I saw my 9th grade biology teacher and my 10th grade chemistry teacher at the aid stations. Crazy!

    From a beginner’s point of view and this being my first organized MB event it was a great experience. Even though I only did the 3 hour ride on the long course and it took me forever I learned a lot from all the other riders. I think I’m hooked – I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’d recommend keeping the long course. See you next year!


  8. Chris I am considering myself part of the Rhinelander team now due to my residence in tomahawk. With that being said, I don't think the course was gruelling enough. I want more sustained climbing. Oh how I love the pain...please no 4th of july weekend this year.