Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 Thunderdown in the Underdown


  1. Nice video.
    You guys kinda scare me though!

  2. chris those bridges looks sweet! see you sat.

    ben and crew, madison

  3. How long is this race going to take?
    I tried to do a fast lap of the "16 mile" course today in 1:48, about 25 minutes faster than last year's "21 mile" course. Either way, one bottle will not be enough. There will be laps under 1:40, but not many. 5 laps will win the 10 hour race, and 3 laps will win the 6 hour race.

    The "9 mile" is about 5 minutes quicker than last year. Lap times will range from :50 to 1:30.

    Camping on site for $10.
    Nice prize package for fastest laps. Growlers and fills from Redeye to class winners. Thunderdown Cup to the town with the most miles. Captains turn in rosters by 4PM.

  4. Rode the lap today. Very awesome bridges and switchbacks. Still kicked my ass. Deer flies ate my soul.

  5. I was called out a while back. I will not be attending and in fact, I'm lashing back:

    Good luck with the race Chris! It's and great race and you have put together fantastic trails! I will be back!

  6. Alright, now I'm psyched.

    I pre-rode the 9 mile course and had either a grin or grimace on my face the entire time; there's never a dull moment. A really nice mix of flow and technical stuff.

    Mike W.