Friday, June 17, 2011

Race Course Map

"16 mile" course (10 solo, 10 duo, 6 solo): Marked in Green. Much like last year minus Mist Lake and trail V.
"9 mile" course (10 team, 6 duo, 3 hour, high school): Uses Red trail X cutoff. Much like last year, but with an earlier cut off on top of the X&C hill.
Over 150' of new bridge since the last Thunderdown.


  1. Anyone with some time Sunday or Wednesday-Thursday night for bridge construction, etc. post here.

  2. The dogs and I met a medium-sized bear while mowing trail LL tonight. The dogs couldn't get it to move so I had to tell it to let up pass and that worked.
    What was stranger was the badger I saw on Copper Lake Road around 9:40 on the way home - only the second I've ever seen. It was smaller than the one that came after me on my bike at the base of Lookout Mountain once.
    The bridge might get built Tuesday night.

  3. I can't wait ! See you soon Chris !

  4. Trail Y has been mowed. What a jungle a clear cut can make.