Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dog Lake Surprise

Pay a visit to Dog Lake. Paul and I finished some bridges around there, but be prepared so you don't shoot off the trail like I did. It is faster.

Tuesday looks like a good day to get trail L ready. Wednesday is a day for digging. Trail U Thursday.


  1. Trail LL got a new bridge, but mechanical issues are going to delay mowing for a few days. Things should be looking wonderful by the group ride.

  2. Tested out the new bridges near Dog Lake - end of trail C last night. They turned out great.

    There was some road kill on the beginning of trail D. Somebody hit a red squirrel trying to cross the track?

  3. A new switchback on X is done. Monday night looks like a good time to start bridge building on trail U at the end of the railroad grade.

  4. Just off of E to the South?

    If you need an extra hand post back. I can ride in off the Loop road on F from between 6:00-6:30

    Any idea when the course is going to be posted?


  5. Possible Timeline:
    Sunday the 19th - bridge pieces hauled in, maybe start of instalation
    Monday and Tuesday - trail mowing
    Wednesday -hopefully finish the bridge after 4
    Friday - Leaf blowing, etc.

    I'll start marking the course after that work is done, but it could be a while. The short course is the same as last year, but will split off earlier on the top of X&C hill. The long course will be mostly the same minus the Mist Lake loop and minus trail V. I can at least post a map now.

  6. Anyone available to help, especially Sunday morning or Wednesday or Thursday night would be greatly appreciated.