Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trail Work Update

Saturday the 11th we'll be out putting in bridges by Dog Lake and a switchback on trail X. 9AM wouldn't be too early. Usual digging tools are all we'll need.
Clean up continues. Oktoberfest is ready for race day. Enjoy it while it still has all the trees. Logging will start right after the race.
A long bridge on trail U is still in the works this month.

  1. Camping is available on site for a reasonable fee.
  2. Underdown has about 100 feet of climbing per mile.
  3. The nearest sandy beach is Tug Lake.
  4. Group pre-ride June 25th @ 10AM.
  5. Getting to Underdown
  6. Turn in Thunderdown Cup rosters before 4PM race day. Hodags sign-up with Al. Wausau still needs a captain who won't be at a music festival on race day.

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