Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Odd Jobs

Underdown trails are in great shape, although they always seem tougher on a hot day like today.  There are no group projects on the horizon, but there are a few things to do before race day.  Help is much appreciated.  Post a reply if I don't see you first.

  1. Mow Oktoberfest (T, S, TT)
  2. Mow G, U, W, F, V area 
  3. Figure out water bars on I
  4. Cut roots on G & H
  5. Mow White Lightning (I) and start-end of LL
  6. Rake through skidder tracks once they finish getting the logs out (U)
  7. Monitor log jobs that might happen on X, M & KK
  8. Remove leaves once they fall


  1. Chris, I do not have access to anything to trim with other than hand trimmers but I could chainsaw up the trees that have fallen - there are a few on Octoberfest and U.

  2. White Lightning-Homestead area mowed tonight. Roots and stumps removed on the end of G Sunday.

    Oktoberfest area, Dog Lake CC area, and U G area left to mow. Steve will hit some Saturday and I'll get some Sunday, but we've got a big trimmer that helpers can borrow.

    Let us know what you can get done Kelly.

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