Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch Out

Loggers have started working on the east lobe of trail U.  They are leaving things rather clean and don't cut on weekends so the trail isn't closed, but if you meet them out there give them plenty of room or just turn around and go the other way.  They are doing their job and have other things to worry about besides dropping logs on you.  They will be done soon so we can get in to clean things up on Sunday the 18th.  It shouldn't be a big job unless we get carried away and make the trail better than it was to start with. It would be great to have help starting around 10AM on Loop Road.

Loggers are saving the job on X and KK until fall.

Hornets that bothered us on trails W and G have been eliminated.

Raspberries are at their peak of ripeness.  There are tons of them, especially on the old trail U clear cut and by the homestead.

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  1. No Bear Story report? Do tell!